Storm Drain Cleaning

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The purpose of a catch basin, is to trap trash and other debris from entering into a drainage system. Having your storm drains /catch basins cleaned on a regular basis is important. This is because they significantly limit the amount of pollutants that enter into the storm drain system. These pollutants will eventually make their way to local waterways such as streams, rivers, and the ocean.  Another function is to relieve surface areas from heavy influxes of water.

If the catch basin grates are blocked by debris it can lead to blockages that eventually result in area flooding. The elimination of debris from your catch basins helps to ensure that your drainage system is functioning properly. In turn, this can significantly reduce the likelihood of flooding. Regular storm drain cleaning will significantly reduce the risk of contaminating the local waterways. The potenial of flooding will also be greatly reduced. 

In most cases, the owner or property manager is responsible for any catch basins located on private property. It is also important to maintain them from a financial risk standpoint. In essence, you may be footing the cleanup bill if your catch basins end up polluting the environment. Your insurance may say you neglected to maintain a vital component to prevent flooding, therefore you are responsible for the bill. Now that you know how important it is to maintain your catch basins, the question that remains is how often should you have them cleaned? The following information will answer that question for you.


When Should You Have Your Catch Basin Cleaned?


The common mistake is waiting to have catch basins cleaned until there is a visible need. For example, if the grate is already blocked, or water has been backing up, the catch basin cleaning should have already taken place. Setting up a regularly scheduled catch basin cleaning prevents any problems from occurring in the first place. In essence, have your catch basins cleaned before they become blocked.

This will enable water flow to continue through the drain as needed. You also need to keep in mind the amount of use that your catch basins go through, especially in rainy seasons. A good rule of thumb is to have your catch basins cleaned on a yearly basis. That being stated, if you own or operate a business that dumps water and debris into the catch basins on a regular basis, you should have them cleaned more frequently.

It is far more cost effective to schedule a regular cleaning instead of waiting for something to go wrong. The bottom line is that if you neglect to have your catch basins cleaned they will eventually back up and flood the surrounding area.


Always Hire A Professional


Cleaning a catch basin, and inspecting the storm drain inlets and outlets in the correct manner requires the proper training, experience, and equipment. It is highly suggested that property owners do not attempt to take on the tasks themselves. It is just as important for property owners to avoid hiring a non-expert. Although a professional catch basin cleaning does cost money, it will end up saving you a significant amount of money, time, and aggravation in the long run. For example, if your catch basins are not cleaned properly, it could very well lead to flooding and/or damage to the basin or structure. A professional catch basin cleaning is a cost effective way to avoid that from happening.

In conclusion, part of being a responsible property owner is properly maintaining your catch basins, and having them cleaned on a regular basis will go a long way in accomplish this. If you have any questions about catch basin inspections and maintenance, we are happy to help.


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