HOA Street Sweeping Services

HOA Street Sweeping, Construction, Residential, Commercial, and Industrial. Also provide pressure washing, water recovery, and hydro-jetting service. Sweeper Guys provides street sweeping services in Orange County, Inland Impire, and parts of Los Angeles. Sweeper Guys will extend Pressure washing and hydro-jetting services to San Diego County.

Street Sweeping Services

Specialize in construction site clean-up, services for home owner assocations, as well as mobile home parks and much more.

Hydro-Jetting Services

Specialize in sewer and landscape drain cleaning as well as maintenance.

Power Washing

Specialize in cleaning pavers, asphalt, concrete, structures and more.

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Street Sweeping

Sweeper Guys About Us

Sweeper Guys was created with having superior quality and customer service in mind. Since 2014, Sweeper Guys is one of the fastest growing street sweeping companies in Southern California. Quality, Dependability, Accountability, and Customer Service are of the utmost importance to us.

We achieve success by identifying industry related problems, and provide solutions for our clients. Sweeper Guys continues to have the needs of the client in hand, and will ask what their needs are in order to special tailor a service if need to.

Staying on top of current education pertaining to our industry is also very important to us. This not only enables us to provide a more efficient and quality service, but gives us the ability to inform our clients of potential problems, or better solutions to overcome a problem.

 We belong to many scientific communities that help us learn how to deal with specific problems dealing with pollution entering our waterways, treatments, preventive measures, and much more.

Sweeper Guys is also a 100% green company, meaning we do not use any paper at all. We are technology friendly, and rely heavily upon it.


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