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Construction sweeping services are a valuable tool for construction sites of all sizes. Not only do they help keep construction sites clean and orderly, they also protect the environment by preventing dust, debris, and construction material from entering water systems or sewer systems. Construction sweepers come in various sizes to meet the construction

site's needs. From regenerative air vacuum sweepers, to mechanical broom sweepers. These machines provide safe and effective debris removal. With construction sweeping services in place, construction companies can rest easy knowing that the job is being done properly, safely and efficiently.


Sweeper Guys has all your construction sweeping service needs met. From Mechanical Broom Sweeper for heavy material removal, to Regenerative Air Vacuum Sweepers for lighter construction cleanup.

We specialize in the following street sweeper service applications:

  • Track Out and Dust Control
  • Pre-Pavement & Pre-Slurry Seal
  • Asphalt Grinding
  • Prevailing Wage and Certified Payroll Sweeping Service is available.


Our staff is made up of highly trained operators that arrive on schedule. It is imperative to keep your construction site clean, and up to code.

Building professional relationships with our clients is very important to us. Special pricing for most applications will be arranged for clients that use us frequently. All required insurance is provided at all times. Call us for all your construction sweeping service needs.

Our street sweepers are very well maintained, don't have daily breakdowns, and we never sub out our work.

We also provide other services such as pressure washing. We can remove asphalt, tar from manhole covers, pavers, sidewalks. Cleanup asphalt with heavy dirt stains. You can check out some social media posts on our page at


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construction sweeping
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construction sweeping
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Hiring a street sweeper for your construction project will keep your site looking clean and dust free. More importantly, it will keep you compliant with AQMD and all county regulations. Doing so will keep you from getting expensive fines from the city, as the street sweeper is preventing runoff in the storm drain system.

Most cities require a full time street sweeper present when having dirt or gravel trucks entering and exiting a construction site. Our highly maintained street sweepers have flashing warning lights installed for street and highway safety. This keeps our street sweepers very visible to the public.

Our pricing is very completive, and fair with no hidden fees, ever. Scheduling a street sweeper with us has never been easier. For our easy online booking, simply go to our page and enter the necessary information. This will immediately schedule the sweeper, if available for your date and time, and set it in que on our dispatch. No more calling and waiting to get a hold of anyone. You receive confirmation of your scheduled sweeper, and that is it.

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