Committed to providing you excellent service, whether it is Construction Street Sweeping, HOA Street Sweeping, or Storm Drain Cleaning.

Before the start of the company, several years of research was made regarding  the industry needs. Property managers were interviewed and found that most had the same complaints.

The issues were that the street sweepers would show up on property late, and many wouldn’t show up at all. Yet the companies would still bill them.

Not all the sweepers would use water, and in turn would blow dust everywhere making more of a mess.

We found that working with Law Enforcement Agencies, many of the bad accident scenes would take an excess of 45 minutes to clean. This leaves the roads closed longer, taking away valuable time from law enforcement officers to tend to the accident scene.

Sweeper Guys have addressed all of thesse concerns and have developed a strategy to tackle these very problems

We came up with a solution for property managers, and Homeowner Association Communities. We have installed GPS units on our Street Sweepers. Combined with our software, our client is now able to monitor when we arrive and depart.

Also, our software has a playback feature, enabling you to see the exact route traveled in the property. This ensures quality service from us and gives you the peace of mind knowing exactly when and how long the sweeper was on property.

All units are installed with a 20 nozzle spray system which virtually eliminates dust,  and ensures a quality clean. Heavy Duty magnets are also used to pick up nails, screws, and other metal objects that can’t be picked up by the vacuum. This helps to protect everyone on property from getting their tires punctured by these kind of objects.

A two man crew is an optional service for communities equiped with parking stalls. We ensure all trash and leaves are blown into the road while the sweeper picks everything up. By using a two man crew, this ensures a quality clean that you expect.

With accidents, we are able to cut cleaning time down to a fraction of what it once did. Now roads can be opened in minutes, saving valuable time for law enforcement agencies to clear the scene. More importantly, this greatly reduces the risk of injury and or possibly death from being on a dangerous highway or road.