We Provide Street Sweeping in Orange County and Inland Empire. We specialize in Street Sweeping for HOA & Construction Street Sweeping and more

We specialize in HOA & Construction Street Sweeping, Mobile Home Parks, Commercial/Industrial Lots, and Storm Drain Cleaning. Our modern fleet is made up of new and very well maintained regenerative air street sweepers. Our sweepers are equipped with gutter brooms, water, and road magnets to pick up nails, screws and other tire damaging objects. Our fleet are always detailed inside and out so they will look good while on your property. We care about the properties we service, and customer satisfaction is our utmost importance.

By choosing to use our services, you will be confident that we will arrive on time and give you an outstanding service you expect every time. For our residential properties, our clients have the ability to login to our software and are able to monitor when the sweeper arrives and departs your property. You will also be able to replay the exact route the sweeper took on property. This gives you the assurance that every part of the property was swept. Give Sweeper Guys a call today to receive more information and a free bid proposal.